Loyal Customers, Friends I humbly ask for your Help.

Over the several years we have been around we have provided the best service we can, discounts and have honored all of you who order from us. The original Canadian Steroids, no other site in the world has ever offered COD we pioneered the way to show there are legit suppliers around. Now we built the name giving unquestionable proof that we go the extra mile. 

Recently some disgruntled folks for whatever reason have taken it upon themselves to slander our name. We restored your faith in online ordering and do the best we can to keep improving. Now I the KING personally ask for you to all post everywhere and anywhere that we are legit. 

Email me with proof you have done so showing you will go to bat for us then we will gladly provide you with some discounts! 

Takes years to build a name but not long for low life’s who are jealous and want to take legit suppliers out of the way so they can swoop in and start scamming all of us Hard working Canadians.