Q: How do I know you will ship my items? How can I trust you? ( view our feedback COD not available at this time)

A: Simple! We also accept payment by Cash On Delivery (C.O.D.) to show we’re in this business long term, not to scam people and run. With COD, you pay to the postman when the packages arrives at your doorstep (please note there is a 20 CAD fee for this service). This is the beauty of buying from a domestic source rather than from abroad. Not only you eliminate the risk of having your juices confiscated by customs or worse, but you don’t need to pay in advance.(conditions apply)

Q: How do I know these items are genuine? There are fakes everywhere..

A: We have been distributors of Medistar Pharmaceuticals for a long time, so the products arrive directly from the source. You may have noticed slightly different labels on some Medistar products: that’s because some are the new labels. Older pictures of stock items have the old label. This doesn’t mean they are fake, as some paranoid customer wrote on various forums, it means they are old pictures posted before the label change. All products you’ll order will have the new labels. As noted on the home page, we are slowly updating all the pictures. Regarding the other brands, imported from Thailand and Pakistan, they are purchased from pharmaceutilcal distributors we have been doing business with for many years, so trust is not an issue on either side of the business. We stand by the quality of our products  1000% and we challenge anyone to prove they’re not genuine.

Q: Do you have XXXXXX? I don’t see it in your product list.

A: All we have is displayed in here and it’s always available. Regarding other juices, we might be able to source them, but it’s a service for existing customers only. New products will be added if the source is reliable.

Q: Can you give me a discount? If I buy more than a juice, do you combine shipping?

A: Discounts are available for existing customers and larger quantities. Please see our special offers on the left side of the page. Combined shipping is definitely the way to go. Please pick a few of the items in the list below and we’ll quote you accordingly.

Q: Can you send me some free samples to prove that your juices aren’t fakes? I have been burnt many times…

A: No.

Q: How can I pay you? Do you accept Paypal?

A: We accept Western Union, e-payments, cash in envelope(preferred). We don’t accept Paypal as the sale of prescription drugs is clearly against Paypal’s rules.

Q: Can you sell me a lesser quantity of what is shown in your pricelist?

A: Maybe. It depends on the item. Let us know what you’d like to buy and we’ll take it from there.(now offering blue heart,yellow,pink dbol at lesser quantity email for more information).

Q: How long will it take to reach my doorstep?

A: About 1 week maximum, as it’s domestic shipping. The items are packaged and shipped in 2 business days upon receipt of payment. We are not responsible for delays of Candian Postal system. If a parcel is not showing up, please be patient, don’t assume automatically we are lazy, or scammers…

Q: How much juice do I need to increase muscular mass/develop strength/for how long etc.?

A: Sorry, but we’re not qualified to advise you. Search the Net and you’ll find plenty of good recommendations and feedback from fellow users. There are dozens of forums about this. This is an online shop only, not a forum on bodybuilding.

Q: Do you ship the juice with its box as well?

A: All Medistar products are shipped with label’s. Bottles and boxes for human grade products are sometimes available and will be sent with your order.Regardless with out without the box or bottle the products are 100% genuine as noted above they are from pharmaceutilcal distributors.

Q: I’m interested in buying large quantities. Can you handle such orders?   A: Absolutely. Send us an email and we’ll evaluate the options together.

A: Absolutely. Send us an email and we’ll evaluate the options together.

For questions quotations and to order please email

[email protected]

(add our email  provider safe mail to your safe list and check your junk mail we aim to reply within 24 hours max)


Consider us a high end boutique women dont spend $2000 on a purse just for the look its because it is well made and warrantied. Just ask my EX girlfriend who bought herself a few on our joint credit card and left me with the bill.