This Month’s Promotions

Here are the new special promotions for this month!


Genex Brand on sale: (Minimum order 2 products for Genex products)

Proviron: 50 per bottle, 25 mg $60

Clomid: 40 per bottle, 25 mg $35

MIssion DBOL: 50 per bottle, 25 mg $90

Tri Tren: 10 ml (100 mg Tren E, 100 mg Tren A,  50 mg Tren H), 250 mg per cc $110

Test Undecanote: 250 mg 10 ml $50

AndroGel $5 Per pack

Special shipping charge for Genex products: extra $10


Other specials:

Prima kits on for $425

Sust Amps in stock

New Feature Rotex Test E amps $15 each

Deals on larger orders as always email for more info

New spots open for  Product Distributor email for more information ( low qualification only 3-5 K per month as min order requirement) Featuring multiple labs and Human grade gear


Prices do not include shipping, please email to order.

Email [email protected] for your list and any questions!

*same conditions apply which have been in place for months: cash in mail method of payment etc.